Portfolio Startups

Social networking app

Premier social networking app with exclusive social media features. GoBridge connects you with people of similar interest, locally and globally. When you match with someone the app helps foster the relationship in the chat feed with innovative features. Users are initially matched for 15 days only, this validation period ensures you that only threw meaningful conversation will the match become a genuine network connection. If your match doesn’t chat with you or is not perfect for your network then the match is removed automatically on the 15th day. 

GoBridge= A network of people worth paying for.

virtual reality social search platform

Virtual reality’s premiere cross platform product. A virtual city where everyone can visit, socialize, search the web, view native content and play games with other users. VerraCity is a social search platform designed as an open world environment with heavy urban marketing methods throughout the city. The urban marketing methods, such as billboards, store signs, posters, decorated cars, trucks, buses and trains, decorated street elements – manhole covers, plants (think bush shaped as a beer bottle with a logo attached), bus benches, light posts. All these marketing methods are links to web content such as Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Buzzfeed, Twitter, Wikipedia,  News Sites and more. 

VerraCity = One City for the Whole World

exclusive random live chat feed

Mobile/Web app meant for leisure enjoyment and occasional social drama indulgence. ChatBowl works by you signing up, for free, to take part in a continuous social experiment where ChatBowl's entire user base gets opted in a daily lottery. The lottery selects only two people per day at random to match and chat with each other for one week. The restricted time limit on each chat makes ChatBowl have only seven exclusive open chat feeds at any given time. The entire ChatBowl user base can watch the seven chat feeds live and comment in a separate chat room. The thrill of being the center of attention, having thousands of people watching your conversation with a stranger is appealing and novel to any experience offered in today's market. 


debate challenge, crowdfunded prize 

Winner of 2017 Angelhack Hackathon Boston. Web and mobile app for organized debate platform, allowing two people to have discourse while everyone else can view their conversation. People can support the debaters they like by giving $.02 cents to them, it's a small more symbolic gesture but with enough buzz about the debate, funds will accumulate to possibly hundreds of dollars. Winner of the debate is which ever debater wins the most money, it's winner takes all. For average debates, winners could walk away with a few dollars, high profile debaters such as if, Neil Degrasse Tyson were to debate a flat-earther and managed to receive 1 million donations of .02 cents, the winner would take $20K. Users are encourage to share the debate on social media promoting their view on a subject. People not debating can view the debaters conversation and can also chat with each other in an open chat form. Debaters can write 10 post each (1000 characters each) taking turns with each post. They can share links and post pictures. It is encouraged that the last hour of the debate be conducted by live video chat (possibly if enough money is raised).

political mobile app game

The mobile and web political game app that allows users to play as political position, from president to mayor for one week. Users work together as a team of 64, all answering political questions from in-house and user submitted. Users work together to simplistically write and pass legislation. The users must work together to resolve issues ranging from natural disasters to restructuring current and new laws. The answers from each team are available for the public to read and upvote. With a public scoreboard the winning performance is the top score of upvoted answers. All teams will have a public and private chat room for commenting and discussion.

Business Model

• Crowdfunding and Patreon

• Plan B: Advertising package with Google adsense location based ads.


Case Study

Idealab is an incubator company started in 1996 founded by, Bill Gross.

Idealab is the blueprint in which 42Equals LLC is structured after. 

Please click the links below and enjoy the following videos where Bill explains how his incubator company works. 


Company Summary

Long term vision 42 Equals LLC. is a Boston based incubator company, producing parallel startups and products. Revenue earnings from acquisitions as well as profits and equity shares in all products and companies developed by 42Equals LLC.

startup_42equalslogo_300 (1).jpg

Our plan is to produce 100 successful projects in ten years, whose products and services we believe in and feel the markets are starving for. The majority of startup ideas are from internal sources however we look to work with the Boston startup community as well as national and International entrepreneurs.

Masters in the art of start-ups, 42 Equals is comprised of expert-level designers, developers, marketers, financiers, and managers alike. These very people are the heart that pumps through this organization and they intend to set the highest recruitment standard for industry talent. With research and iteration as our bread and butter, we will build fast to meet milestones, market to niche demographics, then proceed with a lean and low risk methodology.

Launching a simple idea into a viable company begins with our prototype team, a force of people with various skill-sets who, simply put, love to build stuff fast. The prototype team is tasked with taking the vision for a product or company, conceptualizing it, and getting it into the form of a minimal viable product,which can then be put in front of real users to learn and test its core hypotheses. Such a team and process will reveal whether the product or company can become a viable business.

An internal executive board will review each project and decide to scale or scrap based on performance and validating data. After the board approves a project, a team of product managers, serving as the founding executives, is tasked with building out the product and scaling accordingly while our recruiting team searches for entrepreneurs to take the startups out of the incubator phase and scale them further as independent companies.

Basically 42Equals Inc. co-founds companies with smart entrepreneurs and works alongside the startup for months and even years as team members. We work on each startup from concept and strategy to product-market fit, from development and design to fund raising. We often uses internal concepts but also makes investments in local and international startups. Along with investment in the startup, we offer space and resources in their Boston-based incubator facility. For all this 42Equals takes an equity stake in the company or product.


CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISSEMINATE. This business plan contains confidential, trade-secret information and is shared only with the understanding that you will not share its contents or ideas with third parties without the express written consent of the plan author.

Revenue Model

Startups pay dividends to 42Equals biannually. Once a startup or product has left the incubator phase and has taken off becoming noteworthy, we then sell their shares when a liquidity opportunity presents itself that will maximize our return on investment. Acquisitions of products and startups produces another stream of revenue for 42Equals.

We are not married to any process, if an opportunity arises we will discuss our options and decide on a path that in the long term suits our customers, our company, our employees and our investors best.


Startup Incubator

wikipedia-logo (1).jpg

A business incubator is a company that helps startup companies to develop and scale by providing services such as management training or office space. The National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) defines business incubators as a catalyst tool for either regional or national economic development. NBIA categorizes their members’ incubators by the following five incubator types: academic institutions; non-profit development corporations; for-profit property development ventures; venture capital firms, and combination of the above.

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