Live Debate & Crowd-micro-funded Prizes 

Winner of 2017 Angelhack Hackathon Boston. Web and mobile app for organized debate platform, allowing two people to have discourse while everyone else can view their conversation. People can support the debaters they like by giving $.02 cents to them, it's a small more symbolic gesture but with enough buzz about the debate, funds will accumulate to possibly hundreds of dollars. Winner of the debate is which ever debater wins the most money, it's winner takes all. For average debates, winners could walk away with a few dollars, high profile debaters such as if, Neil Degrasse Tyson were to debate a flat-earther and managed to receive 1 million donations of .02 cents, the winner would take $20K. Users are encourage to share the debate on social media promoting their view on a subject. People not debating can view the debaters conversation and can also chat with each other in an open chat form. Debaters can write 10 post each (1000 characters each) taking turns with each post. They can share links and post pictures. It is encouraged that the last hour of the debate be conducted by live video chat (possibly if enough money is raised).

Business Model

• Price point $3 for app.

• $1 for developers

• $2 for users to spend on in-app debates.

2parley Wireframe.jpg