Mobile/Web app, you signup for free to take part in a continuous social experiment where ChatBowl's entire user base gets opted in a daily lottery in which only two people per day are selected to match and chat, with a random person for one week. The time limit on each chat makes the platform have only seven exclusive open chat feeds at any given time. During the week of the chat the entire user base gets to watch the seven chat feeds live. At the end of the week the public can comment on the conversation for one additional week. The thrill of being the center of attention, having thousands of people watching your conversation with a stranger is appealing and novel to any experience offered in today's market. Having a soapbox to express your opinions and have discourse with your match. If the match is based on romance the users give updates on the progress of the date live, it becomes like a mini bachelor show developing within the app. Matches are chosen based on topic of the day. Topics will be: Political _global/local), Opposing views on issues, Romance/Dating, Similar Interest, Random, Game Gauntlet

Business Model

• Ads

• Sponsorship

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