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Premier social networking app with exclusive social media features. GoBridge connects you with people of similar interest, locally and globally. When you match with someone the app helps foster the relationship in the chat feed with innovative features. Users are initially matched for 15 days only, this validation period ensures you that only threw meaningful conversation will the match become a genuine network connection. If your match doesn’t chat with you or is not perfect for your network then the match is removed automatically on the 15th day. Users can transfer the connection onto any other platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc) for free or you can preserve your new connection on the GoBridge platform by paying a toll of $1. Each user pays the toll in order to keep the match permanently on GoBridge. The toll allows you to control your media feed by controlling who you retain as your network. The psychology being the toll is an excuse not to accept someone's friend request or feel the social guilt of denying the request or unfollowing. GoBridge solves the problem of social discomfort by automatically removing the match on the 15th day. Paying the toll is seen as a enormous symbol of friendship, disrupting the socially accepted standard of hoarding a large online network of people you don’t know well. GoBridge’s is a private network you build with family and friends, new and old, that you validated as your exclusive network. It’s these exclusive people you see in your GoBridge social media feed along with content providers such as The Chive, BuzzFeed, NatGeo, News Sites and more. GoBridge is focused on building the optimal UX that helps people connect and match for lasting genuine friendships online and IRL.

GoBridge= A network of people worth paying for.

Business Model

Pay the Toll: When users want to keep the connection permanently and pay $1 each, $2 total.

Freemium package ($6.99) with multiple perks added to user experience such as mini games like tic-tac-toe, Free Toll to keep matches permanently, also limited ads.

Advertising program displaying ads every 15-20 slides. With live data being used such as the user's answer to engaging question and user location, advertisers can reach target markets more efficiently.

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True Social Networking