Virtual reality’s premiere cross platform product. A virtual city where everyone can visit, socialize, search the web, view native content and play games with other users. VerraCity is a social search platform designed as an open world environment with heavy urban marketing methods throughout the city. The urban marketing methods, such as billboards, store signs, posters, decorated cars, trucks, buses and trains, decorated street elements – manhole covers, plants (think bush shaped as a beer bottle with a logo attached), bus benches, light posts. All these marketing methods are links to web content such as Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Buzzfeed, Twitter, Wikipedia,  News Sites and more. Searching for web content in this manner is innovative and helpful because the user can view the website in its entirety as well as chat with customer service avatars and other people searching for similar interest in real time. This social search effect is created when avatars in similar locations have similar interest based on the content advertised. If you are searching for sneakers, all the city advertising will be for sneaker brands, and all the avatars in your vicinity will be customer reps or people also searching for sneakers. There will be themed sections of the city such as a sports district, a media/entertainment district, also a cartoonish section for kids with a real Sesame Street and much more. The city culture grows organically by sectioning web content and allowing people of similar interest to congregate in virtual neighborhoods and districts. VerraCity is a fun way to explore web content, meet new people and enjoy virtual reality in a casual manner.

VerraCity = One City for the Whole World

Business Model

• Highly developed advertising program and affiliate programs. All urban marketing methods within the city are part of the advertising program or an affiliate program.

• In app purchases such as skins for avatars, accessories for avatars and unlock mini games.

• Companies and content creators can sponsor street(s) and district(s) or purchase building(s) and design them as they like controlling what content gets advertised on their building(s) and sharing the profits with VerraCity.

• Licensing the city design to content creators to make video games and animated films with VerraCity as the backdrop for their story plots.

• Licensing the city code to developers that want to build their own city or district and brand it for their niche, we will offer other services for these customers such as back end support.




Executive Summary




VerraCity will be a lucrative alternative to a typical text based Web directory. Producing an innovative method to explore the World Wide Web is our Goal. VerraCity is offering the same mega search engine results, and capabilities but, on a digital 3D City platform. Web sites are Categorized, Sectioned, and Represented by URL links disguised as urban advertisement, or building entrances.

Amalgamate the Internet with a video game program.

Develop a Web browser using VR technology. Search by manipulating an avatar to explore the 3D urban environment absorbing mega information. When a user wants to view a promoted site they position the cursor over the desired advertisement design, and select by clicking. This product needs to be made to draw attention to a new age of Internet users.

  • Search directory designed as a virtual city environment
  • Links to web sites (URL) are disguised as urban marketing methods i.e. billboards, signs, poster, banners etc.
  • Online social interaction with other users represented by avatars.
  • Social communication directly integrated with the search, translates to a virtual culture of sharing and learning. Users ask other users for help with their searches

Why does this product need to be made?
VerraCity offers an experience with online search and communication. The philosophy of casual search or surfing the web. The current standard in web search asks for keywords to start a web experience which is why I think web users are habitual by default with their web activities. VerraCity will be designed as an open platform for users to endlessly search the content with the familiar action of exploring a 3D city. The World Wide Web is older then most of its users, we need a web platform for the next generation of web users.

Profits will be generated by advertising, affiliate programs, custom designs (ads, structures & avatars), sub contracting, licensing use of program engine, and custom city experiences such as the tour bus or taxi cab.

Taxi cab - Imagine you are searching for “athletic shoes”. Within VerraCity you are on an avenue with ads from every athletic shoe designer and distributor. You press a button and hail a cab. With a short animated sequence your avatar is now in the back seat of a city cab. As the cab drives around the streets, the program plays audio (&text) perceived to be the cab driver. The audio starts a prerecorded conversation about the best athletic shoe stores in the area. As the cab driver recites the paid advisers marketing pitch, the visual for the user is looking out the back seat window viewing advisers ads. This interactive experience is one of many methods to casualty search the web.

Products and services comparison and market competitors

The optimal potential for FinditCity is an annual revenue in the billions based on reasonable market share from multiple markets.

Links to data on video game market statistics -

I need experienced start up executives that have the itch to build the next great tech company.

The Plan

  • Work with Venture Capitalist to raise start up capital.
  • Outsource a bulk of the design and development to a major video game developer.
  • Work as producers inspiring the vision of the product.
  • Design a marketing campaign.
  • Hire programmers to write algorithms that configure the images of the virtual ad spaces to preference the user or search query.
  • Test beta version in niche markets starting with gamer’s.

Based on what it takes to develop and market a next gen video game we need $10 million in start up capital. Source for development budget -

With URL links disguised as urban advertising methods, program users can access any web site threw the worlds new
Innovative Internet Platform

Product- VerraCity 0 A program designed for the purpose of being a new platform for the World Wide Web. The platform is an interactive 3D urban environment. City buildings and urban structures are designed in 3D with graphic design software. A new program will be written and designed to connect the 3D city program with basic ISP, and browser programs. When using the city program URL links are coded to appear as urban advertising methods. The city program goes into a sleep mode when a tourist transfers from VerraCity to a web browser. VerraCity is NOT changing how the web works, or how web pages are designed, VerraCity is a platform to search the Internet and feel comfortable doing so.

FinditCity is a fantasy city design that stimulates the users experience by immersing them in a virtual city with vibrant architecture and animated features,(examples, flags waning in the wind, billboard cycling through ads, animals roaming the streets, clouds and weather simulation)

The social platform within FinditCity will be in itself a tool to help in the users search experience. 

Imagine being in Time Square New York, and you ask a stranger where a store is. You ask that person because you assume since they are in the same space and time as you, they might have a better understanding of the layout. In FinditCity you ask a stranger for help because they are in a location that is promoting similar content to what you and they are searching for.

With social communication features added to the program, this product is also used as a new tool to interact with people internationally, in a new digital manner. FinditCity’s social aspect includes; email, instant messaging, video chat, chat rooms, twitter like features, competitive gaming, sub social groups, and avatar gestures (like dancing, affectionate gestures).
FinditCity; marketed as a relaxing way to “Surf the Net”.

Finding the right web site is a matter of satisfied results. Multiple sites might be viewed before satisfaction, or sustaining the search. The search itself can only be commenced efficiently based on the amount of correct keywords, filtering among directories, or linking from affiliate sites (which helps when searcher has an understanding of web page design). The Internet as it is today is linear, page-by-page, the entire World Wide Web at everyone’s finger tips and the majority of users have not seen 25% of the information provided. With a city platform a fluent subsequent response to the information is presented for the user to search threw. Absorbing more advertisement design (links) in a natural manner is what betters VerraCity from the competition.

Product Definition: I.I.P– Innovative Internet Platform.

Company- Tyrant Inc. – Privately owned company less than 30 direct employees, working towards research, drafts, art design, pre-development, programming, legal ends, accounting/banking, most parts of marketing. And outsourcing such work as, advertising, distribution, development, financing, (Company has best logo, designed to always be most memorable, War horns and drums.)

Brand- Michael Tyrant is a walking, talking, lovable logo. Michael Tyrant is the interesting factor to draw audience’s attention towards Tyrant Inc. He is a character personified as founder and CEO of Tyrant Inc. Michael’s background is fabricated to seem he is an inventor, a businessman, successful, well spoken (with a French accent), a playboy, hailed as a genius, an artist who uses success as his Muse and Business as his brush. Michael characteristics are inspired by persons such as Howard Hughes, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jay Gatsby,  Sean Carter, and Talleyrand. Tyrant Inc. will hire an actor to read speeches and scripts for public relation events.

Michael Tyrant is to Tyrant Inc.
Ronald McDonald is to McDonalds Co.

Discovering new and helpful web sites is fun and adventurous; it’s a good feeling finding what you’re looking for, or even something better. And that feeling is what VerraCity is offering. Tyrant Inc. will be bringing millions of websites with various genres to one platform making it easy to casually explore multiple sites at once. Getting the solution to a problem is satisfying, and that feeling is going to keep people coming back to VerraCity . In the marketing campaign we remind the people, finding a web site that has a particular product, which the user is looking for, is what we expect the program to be used for, but another great aspect is finding completely new web sites that excite the users.

Product & Services Summary

Customers are looked at as two factors
⦁ Tenants are the people that purchase space on the VerraCity servers. They use a graphical building design to visual representation their web site, with their URL link disguised as Ads on their building. Tenants pay Tyrant Inc. to direct internet traffic to their web site, this is considered affiliate marketing, (Market Definition: Affiliate Marketing is a referral-based, revenue-sharing marketing strategy, in which a Merchant (Tenant) pays an Affiliate (Tyrant Inc.) a commission for referring business (Tourist). The commission is pay per click, which means the tenant pays every time a tourist visits their web site even if only for a brief moment and or if nothing is purchased or exchanged.

⦁ Tourists are people that use the city program for access to the Internet and or for the social aspects. These people are important because they use the product as intended searching for web sites using the interactive and social features; this use of the program (the longer the better) generates affiliate revenue. More tourists’ sums to more Tenants wanting to move in, and that means Money. So bottom line we need to get people to “Move In” and “Visit” our great city.

Problem: How do we get tenants with No City?
1. Use the web to hold an election on what web sites will become Tenants. Hold election every one to three years for new web sites

The open urban environment is our hook; it’s what sets us different from normal text based search directory sites. VerraCity is a revolutionary step in technology, breaking the mold for the better of the people is the message. The products we promote (Tenants), and the features we provide are going to make people return to VerraCity . The average frequent Internet user whom has, or is willing to purchase products or subscribe to services online is our demographic.

Site owners or web masters will start an account with Tyrant Inc. in hopes that through our program they will get more traffic to their site, resulting in more sales or subscriptions. When general information is submitted, the client will choose how extensively they want FinditCity to promote their products or services.

Tourist can enter the city under a default account this allows access to the city and a Michael Tyrant avatar but with no extra features. Tourist with an account have an avatar of their design or bought (famous character), they are given storage space for features such as email, buddy list, bookmarked sites, EST, all this is stored on Tyrant servers. Avatars extra actions include dancing, flying, athletic activity, affectionate gestures, dinning, emotional gestures. Tourist can buy the city program, possible yearly fee, but better in beginning to give the product for free and survive.

Design- The city street layout will resemble a spider web, long main streets rooting from the center (Tyrant Square), and small curved streets connecting main streets. Building towers can rise as far as 300 stories and varies, with Ads posted for about 5-9 stories then a new web site is represented and promoted, allowing multiple web sites to share one building.

Tourist walk, run, ride, climb, and fly through the streets, linking to web sites that interest them. Search time can be quick by adjusting the speed in which the avatar moves through the city, casually walking or slowly flying through the streets can be contrasted by speeding up the motions of the avatar. Tourist can view web sites by using their cursor to select (click) the entrance of the building, or by clicking on certain Ads.

Meta-information in a compact and natural way

After the Tenant moves into FinditCity they will choose a building design to represent their web site and then the Tenant will position advertising on the exterior of that building. Advertising will also be placed elsewhere among the city, such as streets signs, billboards, and blimps, giving the client even more of an edge for users to choose their site.

(City Tour in bus, duck bus, or carriage, driver over voices the nearby web sites and what they provide, deals, AI driver, have it be MT driving).

Social Aspects
One or multiple personal avatars.
Instant messaging.
Video chat.
Avatar gestures- Dancing, athletic competitive gaming (equipment appears street clears and avatars play game in the street), affectionate gestures (holding hands, hugging, kissing, laughing, dinning (avatars sit and eat a meal while users IM), emotional gestures (angry, sad, happy, confused, in love), walking a pet.
Links to social web sites-,
Twitter features
Ganging- walk in groups still controlling look and selection but avatar walks in pack moved by an Alpha avatar.
Show friend same web page being viewed.

District Concierge:
Assist tourist with search. Customer service representative works within the system and helps the tourist at their request via instant message. Service reps work within few districts job duties include personally viewing and knowing to best of ability every web site in their districts.
Use prisoners and or foreign outsourcing. Small pop up window always asks to assist tourist.

Also use past and or current advertising fads on their way out to attack mocking them to make consumers feel like tyrant feels the way they do. Satire

FinditCity Map layout
NC- Information- informative based web sites, design libraries
NE- Business- Insurance, Financing, Credit Cards, Banking, Stocks
NW- Kidd Land- (15- ) Young Internet user related web sites.
Manhattan inspired, dull colors, upscale architecture (wall St.), sculptures, AI avatars in suits. Tickers display stocks and news. For the young child demographic the design of the streets can made to look more like a cartoon. Brighter colors web sites like Nickelodeon, Disney, Sponge-Bob square pants. Educational web sites can be filtered by age and grade levels of learning, the links can be located in sections of the city that children of that age will visit the most often.

EC- Apparel- Cloths, fashion, posh theme, AI modeling current fashion
EN – Media- Music, movies, telecast, news, art, AI famous characters.

ES – Sports- Sports, sports, sports, Boston architecture theme.
Best ad design methods, sports AI avatars playing in the streets, tallest buildings, Time Square inspired. Malls for apparel related companies. Movie theaters, music shops, stages for artist performance whether it is a professional act promoting an album or karaoke style, also museums, libraries, and sports arenas for online competitive gaming.

SC- Las Vegas- Casinos, very colorful.
SE- Porn- Sex, Sex, more Sex. Nanny program
SW- the Pot- Social theme with the purpose of relations (dating)
SS- the Hood- underground culture theme
Las Vegas inspired for casino blocks, Red light district for porn streets, AI avatars for porn are strippers dancing in the streets, small town coffee shop theme for “the pot”, fake restaurants, small parks with a small stream flowing through, plants, trees, AI animals.

WC- EBay- Profitable affiliate auction sites, open market (craigslist).
WN- Nerd town- Tech, comics, software, Video Games
WS- the Pot- Social district for general socializing (MySpace, friendster).
EBay designs themselves, open market theme (china town), and mall complexes. Nerd town some streets future theme, Sci-Fi, AI avatars appear as hot female characters, or geek squad appearance professional.

C- Tyrant square- center of city
Half city half park with small water pond, no tall buildings over three floors, miscellanies web sites, IIP personal features such as avatar upgrades, Informational web sites, latest news, pop culture, hot products, deals/coupons, lots of logos for Tyrant Inc, Michael Tyrant, and VerraCity , open street design for quick access to other districts.

One Street- Pharmaceuticals- Hospital theme, AI avatars look as Dr. and nurses

Different building structures will break up the thick urban scene so that it is not boring to view the streets for a long period of time. Web sites that have branches of the company with recognizable buildings can have special designs created at a cost to simulate there real world buildings, I.E. McDonalds and other fast food restaurants (look like there restaurants with giant fries, milkshake and the golden arches on the roof,), department stores like the Gap and high class designers (Gucci) can have building templates that look much like there already well know buildings. Insignificant properties will be designed to complete the feel of an urban street such things like street lamps, newsstands, mail boxes, benches, AI animated people walking, animals, railings, signs that have no link code or not advertising (handicap signs), People are use to seeing advertisement on the sides of buildings in their daily lives this information is absorb consciously or subconsciously. Using this marketing strategy that people are already use to and comfortable with will make the use of the FinditCity program easy.
Posters, newspapers and magazines, or graphite can represent links to blogs.

The design of the buildings and terrain can be changed to fit with the web sites premise. A section of the street that has dozens of web sites that sell the same product or are in the same market can have buildings that designed to catch the eye and realize what the web site is about easier and quicker, motorcycle web pages can have bikes parked outside their building, and a star wars web site can have Luke and Vader battling it out in the front of their buildings.

The web sites that have buildings representing them will be located next to other buildings with similar interest. I.e. Web sites that sell clothing and/or fashion accessories will be located next to those with similar fashion, allowing ease of use for the customers.

Before Tenants can move in, a blue print of the entire city has to be promoted as pick and choose what location and lot to connect their URL link and Ads. Districts, neighborhoods, Hoods, strips, shopping malls, blocks, avenues, and main streets will be classified and designed so Tenants can move into the best location in the city similar sites will move next to each other making it easier for Tourist to find them, simple logic. Promote threw mail catalogs and threw the Internet posted on web site sent by email. Or we choose all locations.

Soapbox avatars
Tenants and tourist control personal avatar but also can display an AI avatar that acts as a soapbox announcer for tourist inquiry, one per tourist. AI avatar appears to other tourist as animated character, simple design colors and symbols first describe question standing on an elevated soapbox with a sign or poster with symbol related to tourist’s inquiry. Other tourist can view question by selecting the AI avatar then respond by text or advise links to web sites that might help.

Flash light FMV to matrix platform for tourist to view and use FinditCity apps such as search and view web pages, email, book marked sites. Matrix like platform is portal limbo between FinditCity and WWW. When in FinditCity this limbo platform is chosen by selecting a feature button. When tourist selects Ad link this limbo platform is bypassed. When on the WWW this is the portal one must view before entering.

Three text boxes
The first box is for tourist to ask the WWW any question. The second box displays the questions from other tourist in twenty (20) sec incurables (then new question). The third box is for responses to tourist’s questions. A program that allows tourist to filter incoming messages for offensive language displaying it in mixed order and different font. Open source response from any other tourist but no one subject to offensive language.

Avatars appearance
1. Expressive- tourist chooses the design.
2. Uni-clothing- for question inquiry’s a toga with color and or symbol relation to question

Options for tourist inquiry solving:

⦁ Mega search site
⦁ Soapbox avatar (SBA) displayed in sector that relates to symbol.
⦁ Post one question on multiple blogs by asking once with IIP app
⦁ VerraCity Directory FMV map audio and keynotes to help tourist
⦁ VerraCity tour- tourist walks the streets viewing ads to webs sites that might help. AI tours in buses and cabs.
⦁ Tenant AI avatar – posted in front or near building the interactive avatar displays links, audio, messages from tenant.

Brand character avatars-
Present to companies’ offer of computer controlled avatars to walk the streets and promote their site.
⦁ They pay for development and avatar is AI controlled only.
⦁ They pay for development and avatar is AI controlled and Tourist can choose for avatar representation.

*Answer for better interaction, and have more knowledge of VerraCity app’s and features will be redesigning the keyboard and mouse. (2mice)

*Animation in building windows with no relation to the web site.

Spirit Avatars
Small ghostly avatars controlled by volunteers or private companies, to strictly answer tourist inquiries by searching the net and instant messaging or email answer back to tourist. It may take a Spirit Avatar (SA) minutes, hours, days or weeks to find an answer. SA’s are not free to socialize with other avatars they are strictly used for researching. The SA can read any question a tourist gives how the tourist wrote it, but the SA response’s is formatted by programming to give brief response no foul language, and links to web sites with more info. The spirit avatar once chosen and controlled roams the city until a tourist approaches and chooses to stop the SA, then question is asked, SA chooses wither to take on solution, decides with text symbol response and if accepted begins help searching the city and more so the WWW and internet, any path the SA chooses. Data is compiled in a brief format, up to ten links added, and can only send response once. NO personal info is ever exchanged. The tourist does not know nor should ask the SA’s name; this is to allow trust and a non-bias response. Once question is accepted tourist can no longer see the SA, on the tourist monitor the SA fades, but to the SA monitor nothing changes but features are no longer accessible such as other tourist asking a question, the SA can ask anyone a question and controlling the channel between tourist and SA. Along with the answer are advertisement one or two ads that pay for the service if enough reliable volunteers can’t be produced. If advertisers pay for SA’s, a contract agreement might have to be signed. The SA only gets paid if tourist accepts the solution as, forth going in their search (not necessarily the answer). Accept and Decline buttons are displayed on the answer text the SA sends the tourist.

Clerk -When entering a shop camera view autos to first person, Tourist presses a button on their keyboard to interact with clerk/web site. When Tourist accepts clerk option the camera steady’s in auto position, the clerk appears in the right side of the screen half his/her body showing, on the table separating the Tourist from the clerk appears an assortment of promo products similar to topic of web site, also on the table is a machine that looks like a cash-register with Tyrant logo on it. Instantly when camera is centered the clerk becomes animated and opens the machine by pressing a button on the machine on the table, the ringing sound a cash-register makes sounds off as the machine animates and transforms a projection screen that envelopes 85% of the screen with the other 15% for the clerk and a few city feature buttons. On the machines projection screen instantly is the web site accessible to interact with. The loading process occurs during clerk’s animation sequence. The animation sequence will take no longer than 7 seconds. The clerk program will monitor the Tourist searching and pre recorded responses will sound to help assist the Tourist. Responses include sale items, first few sentences of headline paragraph, links to affiliate sites, really anything we want to express about Tyrant and its owner Mike.

Taxi search; Link on main page with taxi design graphic, have flash animation scale the link to three quarters the size of the screen showing animated sequence of (if new user) two icons one male the other female enter a taxi on the corner of a busy street, the male always opens the door for the female. If a subscribed account their icon sets to preference. Camera positioned five feet back right passenger side facing front of taxi, after the characters enter the taxi camera moves straight alongside the taxi as it takes off, pans left looking into the back passenger window zoom threw dirty window (or have the window roll down) camera moves in and pans right towards front of taxi, the separation wall is designed as the layout for the web page with links and search bar on the wall. Audio plays of sounds of the city and taxi driver talking about new web sites and deals offering coupons. Start off with Google ads. If becomes popular rework the design and promote as a direct link not a link off a home page. The audio will make it able to search without doing anything, an acceptable voice expressing interesting web sites to the user who is doing something else.


⦁ Develop innovative method for Internet searching

⦁ Structure a company to maintain services and insure personal interest.

⦁ Market and promote to reflect an interest from the public.

⦁ Plan for next product

Option for 2D start off web site of FinditCity, called is a referral or affiliate based website. The premise will be an urban street environment, which will be highly detailed in 2D graphics panning horizontally. Our job will be to promote client’s websites and products using many methods. The corner stone of the referral campaign will be our own website with links available to transfer traffic from our website to the client’s sites for a small fee or commission.

District Sixteen
Every category listed will represent a street for that genre that FinditCity will affiliate with. There are sixteen genres so there will be sixteen streets designed for users to search. On the main page these categories will be presented as street signs in a two rows of eight with easy to recognize designs and names with a street tag added, Example: Gamer RD., Sports ST., Casino CT., and Geek ST. There will be three streets that on a monthly basic I’ll change up the advertising on the buildings throughout the street. This will give me the opportunity to promote more web sites not related to the sixteen other streets, while also giving another means to display advertisement from existing merchants from the other sixteen streets.

⦁ Nerd Culture (Video Games, Comic Books, Tech, Hot Model Magazine)
⦁ Sports (Scores, Stats, Spread, Fan Clubs)
⦁ Entertainment (Music, Movies, Gossip Magazines, ECT.)
⦁ Cultural Specific Clothing (Country, Hip Hop, Punk, Skater)
⦁ Insurance (Auto, Health, Life, ECT.)
⦁ Business (Daily Information, Stocks, Biz Magazines)
⦁ Health & Pharmaceuticals (Skin Care, Diets, Vitamins)
⦁ Banking (Loans, Mortgages, Financing)
⦁ Software & Hardware (Virus Protection, Laptops, Monitors)
⦁ Appliances (TV’s, Stereo’s, Car Systems, DVD players)
⦁ Gambling (Vegas strip theme design)
⦁ Credit Cards (also Credit dept consolidation web sites)
⦁ EBay & Google (Google adsense & EBay affiliate)
⦁ Main Street (Internet Inspired,,, ECT.)
⦁ South Street (Random, Hot Site Finds, Various Subjects)
⦁ Ty Market (Heavy Advertising, Commercial Videos, Direct sales for the Highest Commission)

Market Analysis Summary
Market Definition: Affiliate Marketing is a referral-based, revenue sharing marketing strategy, in which a Merchant (Tenant) pays an Affiliate (Tyrant Inc.) a commission for referring business (Tourist).

A publisher, also known as an affiliate or re-seller, is an independent party that promotes products and services of an advertiser in exchange for a commission on leads or sales. A publisher displays an advertiser’s ads, text links, or product links on their Web site, in e-mail campaigns, or in search listings. The publisher is paid a commission by the respective advertiser when a visitor takes a specific action such as filling out a form, subscribing to a service (both lead examples) or making a purchase (a sale).

Other methods of promoting will include post-mailing, emailing campaign, flyers and posters, newspapers ads, magazines ads, blogging, SEO, low budget commercials posted on internet video sharing websites e.g., and also internet advertising programs.




John Dufresne
Founder & Product Manager 42 Equals LLC.

Proposal: VerraCity